NEW me

I’m Sian, writer over here at The Foodie Fables (though you might have come across me as a blogger under a previous guise – Potty Mouthed Mummy some time ago).

After deciding that being a Mummy Blogger wasn’t quite for me, I took a little break away from social media, before deciding to embark upon a new adventure – food blogging.

I have always loved food (both the eating and cooking of) and have been experimenting and cooking since I was about eight years old. During my childhood, I was always desperate to help my mummy in the kitchen and she always gave me jobs to do. From there I started cooking meals for the family and more than anything, developing a huge love of baking. circle collage

Since May 2015 I have been on a healthy eating mission. I despise the word diet. To me, it provokes negativity and a sense of it being temporary. I wanted to make a lifelong change in the way I view and eat food, firstly to lose weight and make me healthier, but more importantly to be happy and more positive about food. So far I have lost 2 stone and am looking to lose 1 more while making exercise a more dedicated part of my life.

I adore food and I despise deprivation. All I have done is make myself better informed about foods which fill me up, limit the treat foods (and booze!) and most importantly, try to prevent using food as an emotional blanket when I feel sad.

I am not a perfect individual and this journey has not been plain sailing. I have slipped, had bad days but brushed myself off and carried on going. Nor am I holding up my hand and proclaiming myself to be a perfect finished article. Because frankly, who of us is? But I am a lot happier, not just with the way I look but how I feel about my approach to food, by being much more knowledgable about the food I eat daily.

foodThis will be my place to primarily share the low calorie meals I prepare at home, but I am sure the occasional cheat day recipe will make it’s way here every now and then! Because as the phrase goes, everything in moderation. Including moderation.

Please note that I am not hoping to spread some nutritional message here. I’m not a vegan nor am I forcing you to make everything with raw ingredients or any other such movement. I am simply sharing the low calorie recipes which have helped me shed the pounds and still made me say yum.

To read my methods for weight loss and other tips, come have a read of my page here. If you’d like to chat to me about my journey, methods or for review opportunities, you can email me or use any of my social networks at the top and bottom of this page.