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Mongolian Beef Feat Image

Mongolian Beef

This recipe has taken a few attempts to perfect and whittle down to under 600 calories. The majority of similar recipes involved a great deal of flour and much larger quantity of meat so it’s taken a lot of adapting to make it fit our calorie intake. Despite the cutting down of certain ingredients, I […] Read more…

Thai Meatballs Feat Image

Thai Meatball Wraps

Experimenting with Thai and Asian flavours has become a new passion since I started healthy eating. I’ve mentioned numerous times before, that you need the kick of herbs and spices when you’re reducing your calorie intake. I use very little in the way of fat these days (i.e. butter and cheese) so it’s essential to […] Read more…

Soy Salmon Feat Image

Honey Glazed Salmon

I often find that some of the best recipes are created through fortunate experimenting; just like this delicious salmon dish. I had seen some recipes online for similar sorts of glaze yet they all incorporated flour or too much sugar. This has so few ingredients but works so well with the sweetness of the salmon. […] Read more…

The old me feat image

Why I’ll Never Be Who I Was

I was recently performing the extremely dull task of backing up some old photos when I came across a picture which stopped me in my tracks. The photo on the left was taken ten years ago in the summer after I finished university, just before starting my first full-time job (please excuse graininess, this was […] Read more…

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