In May 2015 I came back from a family holiday and felt quite sad. We had one of those beautiful holidays, you know the ones where you know the memories will stay with you forever, but I had a shadow hovering over me. The entire time I had felt so desperately unhappy with my body. Admittedly swimwear is not exactly a garment that really breeds confidence (unless you’re a model) but it was my wake up time and the kick up the backside I needed to realise that I was overweight. More importantly I was unhappy. It was the impetus I needed, one which I hadn’t had for the previous three years following the birth of my beautiful son.


Well I dove straight into fad land and bought myself a Fitbit to start monitoring my activity and I set myself up with My Fitness Pal. But in fact these are the two elements which have been crucial to my current success. I started off with a Fitbit Flex but have recently moved to the Alta.

There are many food diary apps out and about, ultimately it’s a personal choice which one to pick if you go down that route, but My Fitness Pal has worked well for me. You set up a profile with your height, weight and goals. I aimed to lose 1lb a week as I wanted to be slow and steady here. I wanted to make this my life and not a short term thing.

Getting used to using something like My Fitness Pal is definitely an adjustment. I create recipes as I go so I can reuse them in the future. But weighing food can seem a little tiresome at first. Going out to eat can be troublesome too but My Fitness Pal does have meals from some restaurants. Ultimately though I found I learnt enough about what was high/low calorie to be able to make my own decisions about what to eat while out, without feeling guilty. I have a cheat day when I like really but usually it’ll be just one meal rather than spending an entire day gorging. I am not a militant. If I go to a wedding or have a night out, I simply don’t log anything and just bloody enjoy myself. Odd days here and there of excess are definitely required in life.


So far I have lost 2 stone. I am 5ft 3″ and started off at 12 stone 4lbs and you can see me below.


Currently I am 10 stone 3lbs and have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 and had a good old wardrobe clear out in the process.


My end goal was originally to be 9 stone and I think I’d be happy to be within the 9 stone bracket somewhere. I am pretty short and currently am still classed as overweight. That doesn’t bother me too much. I prefer how my clothes fit now and feel proud at what I’ve achieved. But now my focus is on being fitter and ensuring exercise is a part of my life, while trying to ignore the numbers on the scales as much as I can. Weight isn’t my main goal right now. It’s more about how I feel and yes ultimately, reducing the wibbly mum tum just a little.

And that’s it really, my little mission and my methods. Nothing too dramatic, just reducing my calorie intake and exercising. I don’t end the day hungry. I don’t feel deprived. When I want to drink, I do and when I want to chill and have a pizza with the hub, I do. And now I’ve got a lot better about not beating myself up about that. Life deserves to be lived, but your body also deserves a bit of love too.